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Will Writers are often asked “How did you become a Will Writer?” Lesley Winfield explains:

My husband and I had put off having Wills written for about 5 years after agreeing to have a Will written. In 2007 at 42 years of age, my husband died unexpectedly – we had a six month old baby and neither of us had made a Will. It took me approximately ten months to wind up my husband’s estate, despite having help from friends and family. This caused ten months of unnecessary stress and heartache which could easily have been avoided.

Within three months of my husband’s death, I had a Will written for me. My main concern was for the welfare of our son if anything happened to me. I needed to know my son’s guardians would be the people that I had chosen. Many of my friends have children, house and assets but no Will.

I read an article in the newspaper stating that over 70% of adults die without having had a Will written (they die intestate), meaning it is state Law that determines who inherits the deceased’s estate.

When I had my Will written, I realised it wasn’t as fraught as I had imagined it would be and I couldn’t explain why we had originally put off having one written. This made me appreciate that for some people, having a Will written would be a daunting and intrusive prospect, but then unfortunately find themselves in the same stressful situation I had been in.

Landseer Registry.com is a Will writing and Asset Protection Company built on the principles of providing a quality of service which is individually tailored for each and every client. Landseer Registry.com’s unique service has established its place in this industry. This allows Landseer Registry.com to ensure you are given total peace of mind in the knowledge that you have received accurate advice and information, resulting in a specific Will (and / or other services) at an affordable price.

In 2010, Landseer Registry.com became a National Award Winner from the Directors of West Midlands News for the “National Importance of Making a Will campaign”.

Since the award, both companies have worked together to produce numerous articles in the West Midlands Newspaper. The information above formed the first of many varied articles.

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