What is Tenants in Common?

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This is a way of 2 to 4 people owning a house so they can each control their own share of the house in their Will.

If you own a house jointly, it automatically passes to the surviving owner when you die, it is not controlled by your Will. If you own the property as Tenants in Common you can leave your share to whoever you want.

What are the benefits of changing your property from jointly owned to Tenants In Common?

  • This can help to reduce Inheritance Tax liability by utilising each allowance effectively.
  • If your surviving spouse remarries or has more children, your share of the property you wish to pass to your children will not be diluted or bypassed.
  • Re-marriage (prevents the new partner / spouse from receiving your half of the property).
  • A ‘Right To Occupy’ Trust written in your Will protect your spouse from having to sell the home.
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